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The peaceful Lucayan Indians had lived on Exuma and throughout the Bahamas for centuries prior to Columbus' discovery of the islands in 1492. After the Spanish enslaved the Lucayans to work in Central and South America, Exuma and the rest of the Bahamas were left empty and uninhabited until the arrival of the British to Eleuthera around 1648.

In the 1700's salt became a major product of Exuma.  And, during this same period, there might have been an occasional visit by a buccaneer or two to the secluded cays and coves of Exuma's shores. These pirates certainly were creating havoc in Nassau during this time.

Beginning in 1783, British Loyalists from colonial America began arriving after the American Revolution to escape the political scene in the colonies.  Since most had been farmers in the south, they planted cotton, their mainstay, and brought slaves in to work the fields. 

In 1793 George Town was founded, and the island was prospering.  However, the thin layer of topsoil could not sustain the years of over planting, and the weakened plants were then open to the attacks of insects.  By the time of the abolishment of slavery and the Emancipation Act in 1834, Exuma was in decline.  Most of the Loyalist farmers had left the island and the decimated land gradually became the property of the abandoned slaves.  These hardy individuals subsisted, and persisted for more than a century by farming the weary soil and fishing.  The advent of tourism after World War II has brought new jobs and a gradual prosperity back to the economy of Exuma. Bahamas

Miles of beaches!Too few travelers know that just 90 minutes flying time from South Florida await islands so pristine and unspoiled that you feel as though you are half a world away. These islands can provide ideal vacation accomodations.
In Exuma, one of the "Out Islands" of the Bahamas, life remains as it was decades ago.  Mother Nature still reigns supreme.
Nature Abounds!

Often the only sounds you may hear are the songs of birds in the air, and the gentle lapping of the sea on the shore.

An Exumian.When you arrive on Exuma, you are greeted by some of the friendliest people on earth, the Exumians.  You are welcomed to their community as an honored guest, not as a tourist that must be tolerated.  The island's simplicity and unpretentiousness are exemplified in the atmosphere of the community, the attractions, and the lodgings.  And speaking of the lodgings, let Exuma treat you to some of the most quaint and picturesque inns and hotels that the Bahamas have to offer. For example: Hartswell Cottages, Master Harbour Villas, Minns Cottages, and Regatta Point.  Most are unknown to even the most knowledgeable travel agents.
Exuma Bahama

The allure of Exuma can be contagious. As you will see, your views of the sunset will be unimpeded by high-rises, and your star gazing will be clear and bright without the interference of bright lights and commercial glitz.

A day in Exuma can be spent in a variety of activities, and all are easily arranged at your lodging.  The serenity and beauty of Exuma can be experienced by fishing, bonefishing, scuba diving or snorkeling, power or sail boating, bicycling, hiking, or exploring the island and beaches by rental car or taxi tour.

Colorful George Town!In George Town, take a walking tour.  Visit the central straw market under the big African fig tree for some authentic Bahamian crafts, enjoy the architecture of the Government Administration Building or the 150 year old St. Andrews Anglican Church.  As you stroll around George Town's Lake Victoria, be sure to linger along the way at the many shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and local businesses that encircle the lake.  Have some cracked conch, drink a Kalik (the Bahamas own beer), and strike up an amiable conversation with a local.

Slow down, sit back and relax...
you're in Exuma!

George Town Map

It's Regatta Time!REGATTA TIME!
Every year since 1954, Exuma has held an "Out Island Regatta" to celebrate the Bahamian working sailing craft.  One of the main objectives of the Regatta is to preserve Bahamian boat building skills.  As such, the racing rules state that each vessel must be Bahamian designed, built, owned, and sailed.

  The event is generally held at the end of April, and the festivities become a week-long celebration.

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Exuma Vacation Cottages
Master Harbour Villas
Minns Cottages
Periwinkle Cottage
Regatta Point

American Eagle from Miami (Direct to Exuma): 800-433-7300
Bahamasair from Miami & Fort Lauderdale (to Nassau then Exuma): USA – 800-222-4262, Bahamas – 242-702-4140
Silver Airways from Ft. Lauderdale (direct to Exuma):
Sky Bahamas from Ft. Lauderdale(to Nassau then Exuma): USA – 954-317-3751,
Bahamas – 242-345-0172

Scotiabank Bahamas: 242-336-2651
Royal Bank of Canada: 242-336-3251
Bank of the Bahamas:

Regatta Point (guests only): (800) 688-0309
Island Explorers: 242-336-2246
Minns Water Sports: 242-336-2604

Airport Car Rental: 242-345-0090
Exuma Transport: 242-336-2101
Thompson's Rental: 242-336-2442

Exuma Yacht Club: 242-336-2578
February Point Marina: 242-336-2693
Minns Water Sports: 242-336-2604

Bonefishing Guides -
Regatta Point (guests only): 800-688-0309
Garth Thompson: 242-345-5214 or 242-345-5062
Reno Rolle:242-345-5003

Deep Sea -
Fish Rowe Charters: 242-357-0870

Marilyn's Gift Shop: 242-336-3321 (George Town) 242-345-0321 (airport)
Sandpiper Arts & Crafts: 242-336-2084 (Facebook)
Straw Market –
various independent stalls, George Town
Tropical Accents & Gifts: 242-336-2396

Exuma Markets: 242-336-2033
Shop Rite Mart: 242-336-2670
Fresh Fish @ Tranees Salon: 242-336-2620

Bal Sounds: 242-336-2375
Exuma Business Center: 242-336-2091
Forbes Enterprises: 242-336-2857

Exuma Liquor & Gifts: 242-336-2101
John Marshall & BGS Liquor: 242-336-2771 or 242-336-2900

Coldwell Banker: 242-336-2675
Front Rowe Realty: 242-336-3440

HG Christie Ltd: 242-336-2274
Ocean View Realty: 242-336-2443
Sotheby's Int. Realty/Damianos: 242-336-2527
Sea to Sea Real Estate: 242-336-2409

Big D's Conch Spot: 242-358-0059
Catch a Fire Bar & Grill: 242-357-0777

Chat 'N' Chill: 242-336-2700
Cheetha's Restaurant & Bar: 242-336-2535
Cozy Corner Deli: 242-359-3392 or 242-551-8128
Driftwood Cafe: 242-336-3800
Eddie's Edgewater: 242-336-2050
Exuma Palms Hotel: 242-358-4040
Exuma Point Restaurant/Bar/Grill: 242-345-6244 or

Fish Fry:
   Charlie's Restaurant & Bar: 242-336-2107
   Shirley's Seafood Restaurant: 242-336-3737 or
   242-554-3642 (delivery available)

   The Out Deck: 242-336-3079
   Tino's Deck: 242-336-2277

Haulover Bay: 242-345-5002
Peace & Plenty Restaurant: 242-336-2551
Santana's Grill Pit: 242-345-4102
Towne Cafe & Bakery: 242-336-2194

Junior Taxi Service: 242-336-2509
Exuma Transit: 242-345-0232
Bal Sounds Taxi:
Luther Rolle Taxi: 242-345-5003


Diving -
Dive Exuma (PADI): 242-336-2893

Excursions -
Four C's Adventure: 242-464-1720
Off Island Adventures/Steven Cole: 242-524-0524,
Out Island Explorers:
Starfish: 242-336-3033, USA 541-359-1496,

Kayaking -
Out Island Explorers: 242-336-2246
Rolle's Sea Kayaking: 242-336-3537 or 242-524-4213
Starfish: 242-336-3033, USA 541-359-1496,

Snorkeling -
Dive Exuma: 242-336-2893,
Off Island Adventures/Steven Cole: 242-524-0524,
Starfish: 242-336-3033, USA 541-359-1496, ,

Across from the Gov't. Dock in George Town: 242-464-1558 ($12 to Chat & Chill – other destinations available)
Club Peace & Plenty: (departs: 10 a.m. & 1 p.m.):